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Kelsie Croyle Young Multimedia Artist

Kelsie Croyle Young is a diverse multi-media artist that resides in Lakewood America, just west of Denver Colorado. With extensive experience in varied creative arts that range in media and community involvement; Kelsie is recently expressing again on canvas and is re-emerging of sorts after a global shift in consciousness.  With an evolved sense of self and connection to her craft, and her community, Kelsie is currently exploring a range of paint combinations and techniques as she builds this new vision and amazing art shopping experience.

“What I use on a piece completely depends on the piece and it’s own voice in the creative process.”


Her work will create a new view of her subjects and inspirations that range widely as well.   Acrylic, oils, ink, enamel, sometimes other stuff too……

“When my job is done right, you  will see it yes, but you will also”feel” it.”

The Artist Kelsie 

Kelsie Croyle Young

More about me:
It is so nice to meet you! Things are looking up!


This bridge is very sentimental in that my Grandmother used to paint it often.  I was able to visit this amazing place in Sunday River Maine recently.  I got all nostalgic and stuff…
A bridge to where I came from….
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I really get into my work. Giggle
 I really get into my work. Giggle.
This project is a testament to surrendering to my higher power. Everything I have been through to get to here has been worth it! With that in mind, I feel like a very strong and seasoned version of myself right now, and I intend on doing some serious creating!  It is difficult to feel anything but gratitude!!! Here you will find honest creating, from an authentic place of self and global awareness. It’s so nice to meet you!  I am glad you are here!
The Artist Kelsie Kelsie Croyle Young

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