The human existence involves mirrored interactions for a reason.  There is realness to the
old ways oral traditions that embrace the duality in the human soul....It is a
3rd dimensional FACT that there are two sides to every magnet...a positive and a
negative.  The very same truth exists now in the 4th which most are attempting
to catch up to.  This magnet is not at all unlike a human being.   We ...all have
both positives and negatives.  It’s part of our divine quality and is what makes
us so interesting to the entire universe!  WE also have an amazing thing called
free will!  Imagine if a magnet had a choice of which side of itself to work
with……….Now I ask you, does it have a choice?  Let me give you an example of
what I'm talking about.  If you put 2 magnets positive to positive, what
happens?  Without the duality of both sides the universe would topple much like
the spin that happens when you force two separate magnets positive ends
together; that is of course if you can get them together at all...  The cool
thing about the resistance is that you can create energy with the repelling
forces of BOTH magnets just as well as the attracting ones.  WE cannot corral
this easily; we can only understand that this is the universal law of it and
that YES the choice is your own.  It depends entirely on which ends you decide
to put together but you are both sides no matter how much you may be asked to
choose one or the other!!!We are both as nature is both.
The Artist  Kelsie


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