What an amazing weekend!  I was invited by Paul Borrillo and his lovely wife Ericka of Borrillo Entertainment to be a part of an amazing fundraiser held at the RedLine Gallery in Denver this past Saturday Evening.  Proceeds went to "Raise the Arts" foundation.    Both Sophia Rose and Mythica Von Griffin were there with models as well Paul and Ericka with their Lamp piece. When done well, body paint magic is sure to wow passers by at the party!  And did they indeed!!!  All the pieces done were splendid, and it seemed that everyone there enjoyed our media choice for the event.  Body Paint is so misunderstood!!!  It's wonderful to be a part of some of the first real embrassing of this form in a main stream yet contemporary gallery.  It is hopefully only the beginning. 

I think my favorite part of the evening other than working with an amazing kindred soul as my model was to watch people react when they realized there was a person in that veggie display over there!!! LOL....  Gasps, and wows filled the air.   It was AWESOME!!!  It was such a fun place to be able to show the abilities it takes to pull off a piece like that.  Not just as an artist with preparation and time limitations but also with consideration to how difficult it can be to model for a piece like this. ~ open loading dock doors on naked skin for hours.  Meanwhile the catorers coming through misting every 30 minutes or so to keep the veggies fresh.  It certainly had to add to the torture that I'm pretty sure it was for her.   The beauty was an amazing example of someone that is passionate enough about art to go through that with me for all of you....  I am so happy to know you Rain!!!  You are amazing!!!  The final 2 pieces titles are "Goddess Salad"(Top of page),  and "Cannibalistic Kale" (upper left of post)!!!    http://redlineart.org/ 



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